Some of our Past Projects

Here are just a few of the jobs that we've done.  These include work for items for private sector, as well as government., medical and aerospace.

Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft

We made parts for this unmanned aircraft which were part of the assembly that held a mini satellite dish, that pivoted and rotated. (the parts that we built went into a final assembly).  Click to see a larger photo.

In the lower photo, you can see one of the parts being used in the actual assembly.

Global Hawk PartGlobal Hawk Part
Rimz 625 Speed Loader

This is a job that we did for Beckham Design, for their product, called "Rimz".  The Rimz 625 is a speed loader for a revolver.  The original speedloaders are made out of stamped steel, and you need a tool to insert the bullets into the speed loader and another tool to extract the empty shell casings. With this new product, the speed loader is made out of a durable plastic and the user does not need any special tool to insert or extract the shell casings, just your fingers, (this is a life saver on the fingers and hands as with the steel loaders it is difficult to load because of the stiffness of the steel).

Rimz 625
Monarch Lever

We made the mold for the "Monarch Lever" for Blackfoot Brass and Rocky Mountain Hardware. This is the mold, and also the actual lever.

Monarch Lever

Monarch Lever Mold

Blood and Tissue Collector

The mold that we built is interesting, because the collector serves to collect the larger solids and liquids, while blood and other liquids could be passed though filters in the bottom.

This means that the hospital can chemically treat it, and reduce the amount of bio-hazard waste that they need to destroy.

Blood & Tissue Collector

Endo-Trachial Tube Holder

The endotrachial tube holder mold that we built, is a device that the EMTís & other nurses and personnel could use in the field to put a tube down the patients throat and secure it so that it would not come out while transporting.

We built this mold for STI Medical about 3 years ago, it was quite the combination of Machining & Sinker EDM. It took over 9 weeks to build.

Endotrachial Tube Holder Mold
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